Questions & Answers

What kinds of fish will be caught on our trips?

Most of our fishing will be focused on Halibut and Salmon. Depending what run is in season we have the opportunity to catch King, Silver, and Pink Salmon. There will also be run ins with Sand Sharks, Cod, Rays, Dolly Varden, and the unsightly Bull Head or Sculpin.

What about transportation?

The great part about fishing in Petersburg, AK is that Alaska Airlines flies right into town. No extra flights or boat rides, just a commercial airline flight then a short 5 minute drive to your accommodations. Once you are here we will have a quick meeting about your week, and food waiting for your arrival. Also if you contact Viking Travel here in Petersburg they can get you a better rate on airfare. Just tell them you are fishing with Petersburg SportFishing.

Should I bring my fishing pole?

Unless you have a lucky rod that you can’t imagine fishing without, leave your rods, reels, and gear at home. We have it all here for you, and if you really want to try something out, we can help you do that. Although we just want to remind you that there are tried and true fishing practices that work just about every time we go out. So if you veer away from these sometimes we don’t have as much success as we would like. If you are planning on going fly fishing, you will want to bring your fly rod, flies, and waders.

Where do I get my fishing license?

When you get into town on Sunday night we will sit down with you and go through the licensing process. You will get it that night. Yup even a King Salmon tag too.

Do I need rain gear?

No way! We do have rain so you’ll need some but we have quite a few different sizes available for you to use. Remember to pack light, it will be worth it when you are flying home, and can’t imagine what you are going to do with the boxes of fish you need to take on too.