Fly Fishing

We know the perfect spot for a great fly fishing experience…

Petersburg Sportfishing knows the best places for your fly fishing adventure. Catching an Alaska King Salmon is a dream of most salmon fishing enthusiasts. Petersburg Alaska’s Blind Slough River (“the rapids”) is located just 15 miles from downtown Petersburg and provides a unique opportunity to stream fish for king salmon just 0.25-mile from a paved road. This is the perfect location for those trying to catch a winter’s supply of Alaska king salmon for the smoker or keeping a few “brights” to barbecue with friends.

What can I catch?

Cutthroat Trout, Dolly Varden, Steelhead (early May and late October), Silver, Pink, and King Salmon

What should I bring?

You will hike into some beautiful rivers to fish for a variety of small and large fish. So make sure to bring your waders, your fly poles (light and heavy), reels, flies, and an appetite for true Alaskan Adventures. This is where we will get up close and personal with the wildlife. See black bears, moose and Sitka deer as we wrangle beautiful fish from our pristine rivers.

We will provide your daily transportation,  all of your meals, and all of our collective knowledge to help you.

Cost of this trip?

call for pricing (323)-510-REEL