LeConte Glacier

Just around the corner from Petersburg lies LeConte Glacier…

LeConte Bay, located about 20 miles east of Petersburg Alaska, is a 12 mile-long fjord carved out of the coastal mountain range by glaciers over the course of thousands of years. LeConte Glacier is North America’s southern most tidewater glacier. Harbor Seals are viewed here on the icebergs “sunning” themselves, often up to 400 on one berg. Actually, they use LeConte Bay as their breeding, birthing and rearing area. Taking advantage of seeing this magnificent glacier while in Alaska is just the ticket for memories in the making.

How long is this trip?

This trip is 4-6 Hours.

What should I bring?


Rain gear



Appetite for Adventure

Sense of Humor

Cost of this trip?

Call for pricing 707-208-0613