Petersburg Whale Watching!

Of the estimated 6,000 humpback whales in the North Pacific, approximately 1,000 feed in Southeast Alaska during the summer.  Nearly half of the Southeast Alaska feeding population, or approximately 500 whales, will enter the Frederick Sound area during the summer. They are after the very abundant herring and krill (shrimp-like crustaceans), which thrive in these waters.  This makes Frederick Sound one of the best places in the world for observing the feeding behavior of humpback whales.

Steller sea lions, harbor seals, Dall’s porpoise, and Orcas (killer whales) are also frequently seen.  The area contains two major and several minor sea lion haul outs. Sea lions and humpback whales are often seen in the same feeding locations and interaction between these species is common.  Harbor seals are seen both in the water and on the many rocky islets throughout the viewing area.  A variety of sea birds can also be spotted.  Bring on the binoculars and cameras!

How long is this trip?

This 4-6 hour trip is filled with opportunities to see wildlife in all of its aquatic glory.

What should I bring?

Rain gear
Appetite for Adventure
Sense of Humor

Cost of this trip?

Call for more information (323)-510-REEL